NTI ML1 RTA/O-scope Educar Package


This European-made audio tester is meant for professional use. It includes:

  • 1/3-octave RTA for signal
  • Waveform oscilloscope suitable for audio frequencies
  • Polarity tester – both acoustic and electrical!
  • Educar XLR test probe set
  • AA batteries are not included
  • No RTA microphone is included (electrical testing and acoustic polarity only)

Recommended for electrical signal testing. No external microphone is included. The ML1 does not have an internal phantom-power preamp, so standard XLR microphones will not operate with it unless paired with an external power supply. We can supply such a package for $249, but we don’t recommend the ML1 for acoustic testing – we recommend a USB mic paired with your laptop running a higher-resolution measurement application such as REW or TrueRTA).

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Finally, an advanced European-made audio handheld test device at an affordable price!

The NTI ML1 is a handheld RTA, waveform oscilloscope, and polarity tester in one convenient device. We recommend it for electrical signal testing rather than acoustic testing.It does not come with a microphone, and put doesn’t have an internal phantom-power supply (simply plugging in an XLR mic will not work – message us for details).

It takes AA batteries, so you can change them easily in the field and not have to wait for batteries to charge. (It works fine with rechargeable AAs, too, so buy 6 or more and keep one set in the charger at all times!) It also boots up in a few seconds.

Educar XLR test probes, clips, and fittings are also included – as well as tech support . Ready to go, out of the box! (Well, batteries not included.)