HomePageHeader04Finally – sales training without the sales!

I’ve taken a lot of sales training courses, and I’ve read a lot of sales training books. Some of them I found valuable, and some of them didn’t help me at all, but all of them had one thing in common: “Selling” was something you did to someone else. The techniques, the methods, the unspoken assumptions, all had the common underlying thread of, “this is how you get them to do what you want”.

Our approach is different – our goal is different, and our intention is different. We don’t want them to do what you want. We want them to do what they want, and we want you to get out of the way. We want you to help… but not by coercion, manipulation, or deception.

The Twelve Keys of Non-Selling have been developed over a decade of study and repeated seminar test presentations.

The Four Rules – the ground rules for ethical advocacy

The Four Modes – how we, and others, make decisions

The Four Steps – the simplest sales “map” there is!