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2-Seat Listening Test Checklist

“3 Steps” OEM Checklist



OE Interface

What cars will we learn about?

Only a few, which we use as examples. This is a class on fishing, not a fish market.

Will I learn how to test signals?

We will teach you how to test audio signals in the field, and provide a test checklist form to use.

What about test equipment?

Our process can be used with various analyzer methods. If you don’t have any tools at all, we can help assemble a sub-$200 USD test package using your Windows PC (handheld purpose-specific tools bring more efficiency, and higher costs).

Will I only learn about using one brand of OEM interface processor?

No – unlike a manufacturer’s training, where you usually learn to use their gear and only their gear, we will talk about general principles you can apply to anyone’s products. We will also give you the questions to ask in order to learn the capabilities of new equipment – before you install it!

Non-Sales Training

What’s different about this training compared to other trainings out there?

Well, we really can’t answer this one, because we haven’t taken any of the trainings currently being offered.

So why should we take yours instead of this other one?

You should take them all, actually.

What’s different about this training compared to sales trainings you have taken?

Most sales trainings come from a place of “getting someone to do what you want”. Non-sales training comes from a place of “supporting someone to do what they want, and getting out of the way”. What I learned in sales trainings the first ten years of my career helped with some people and not with others. It took me ten years to learn why. If you’re an installer who hates the idea of being a “salesperson”, this is the training for you.

What will I take away?

You’ll have four rules to follow to make things work out for the best. You’ll have a framework for understanding what other people need, and how you show up to them. You’ll have a four-step sequence of the purchasing process so you know how things are going. Finally, you’ll get handouts for recommended do’s and don’ts, phrases that work, and tips to take with you.