July 10, 2020

Educar TestTune App












The Educar TestTune app is now available!

This app on your iOS or Android device lets you test and tune vehicle audio systems more efficiently! (USB cable recommended).

This is intended to be a tool used along with the Educar Checklists: One-Seat Tuning, Listening Tests, and OEM Signal Tests.

If you use the Audiofrog UMI-1 and follow Andy Wehmeyer’s tuning process, this app supports that process as well!


  • Play mono pink noise without a CD
  • Play one-channel only signals to test for upmixing
  • Play L-R signals to test for rear difference ambience channels
  • Play various sine waves at various levels


  • Play Mono full-range pink noise for as long as you need
  • Play segmented pink noise (Bass, Midbass, Midrange, Treble)
  • Play panned pink noise (Left, Left Center, Center, Right Center, Right)







Simple user information is contained in this user document. More detailed user information is covered in the Educar online courses.

Get the app at the iOS App Store or the Google Play App Store